Our Projects

On-Going Initiatives and Future Activity

  • Memorandum of Understanding with Research Foundation To Cure Aids (RFTCA)
  • Memorandum of Understanding with AFRICAN Gong
  • First indigenous Bio-data and IT infrastructure- GET secured server.
  • Scientific advisors for the collection of convalescent plasma from survivors in West Africa.
  • Establishment of Community Advisory Boards for ethical research and medical interventions taking into consideration culture and belief systems.
  • Partnership with Columbia University for the psycho social welfare of EVD survivors.
  • Promote advocacy necessary for ensuring political will creating a focus on research and development to fast track GET’s objectives.
  • Bio-banking and Bio-Security gap analysis project
  • MOU with Lagos State Ministry of Health to support their Ebola Core research group and develop a CDC like facility to serve the megacity of Lagos.
  • MOU in development with Noguchi Memorial Medical Center of Excellence, Accra, Ghana
  • Facilitate development of policy guidance and framework for effective response to emerging pathogens in West Africa.
  • MOU in development with the West African Task Force for research into emerging and re emerging infections.
  • Develop recommendations on the ethical conduct of research, governance and clinical trials for the use experimental drugs in emergency epidemics.
  • Facilitate philanthropic support by Africans thereby ensuring early and culturally acceptable indigenous response to future humanitarian crisis in African countries.
  • GET Accra launch and community engagement June 2015
  • Proposed: Co organizing the 2nd African Voices and Leadership Conference on Ebola in Accra, Ghana.