Our Workshops

Key Achievements

The GET consortium is working with international collaborators with a goal of providing strategic recommendations and research capacity to respond to highly infectious emerging pathogens as evidenced in the current ebola outbreak. The Consortium creates the opportunity for a rapid, informed, response strategy by providing advice and guidance to governments and organizations and stakeholders in African countries acting as a point of reference for international funding and aid agencies.

The workshops done on the fight against Ebola are as listed;

  • Co-hosted the African Voices and Leadership Conference in collaboration with RARS and WATER in January 2015 in Dakar, Senegal.

The conference was held to accelerate the support for recovering Ebola patients, survivors and for the evaluation of potential treatment and vaccines in West Africa. The meeting outcome can be seen in the Dakar Declaration and the resulting resolutions which clearly outlines the physical and human capacity deficiencies in most African sub-regions.

  • Co-hosted a survivor workshop in Monrovia, Liberia with Ebola Survivors Association of Liberia (ESAL).

The focus was “stigma” and the resulting hardship faced by survivors. The success of this workshop resulted in a growth from 500 to 800 survivors’ registering with ESAL- January 2015

  • Co-hosted the Survivor Workshop in Freetown, Sierra Leone in collaboration with the Sierra Leone Association of Ebola Survivors (SLAES).
  • Co-hosted town hall meeting in Monrovia, Liberia   ESAL-February 2015
  • Conducting national workshops on biobanking and biosecurity capacity in the Ebola affected countries of the Mano River Union (Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea) sub Region of West Africa.