Biobanking, Biodata, and Biosecurity: Pasquale de Blasio

The advancement of individual and translational medicine along with the issue of conceptual interpretation of the human genome make modern research in biological chemistry, molecular, cell biology, and other allied scopes difficult without collecting, storing and using different types of biological material. Establishing banks-depositories of biomaterials of any type, and especially of the human material kind relates to the need of solving a range of complicated social and humanitarian issues. Thus, setting up biobanks in network projects is becoming increasingly international. The working group will therefore begin to consider the issue from a African perspective. Its objectives will include

  1. Ensuring legal certainty for researchers and enabling the long-term use of biobanks
  2. Assist and facilitate practical implementation
  3. Promoting biotechnological research in hospital, university and business settings by creating collaboration forums.
  4. Maximising resources by sharing infrastructures.
  5. Guaranteeing compliance with current legislation concerning sample transfer.
  6. Facilitating knowledge transfer.