Call for Abstracts
Conference Theme: “Biosecurity Threats in African Megacities”

Lagos, Nigeria

Global Emerging Pathogens Treatment Consortium (GET) in partnership with the Lagos State Government is organizing the  6th African conference on One Health and Biosecurity in Lagos, Nigeria from 5th to 7th of August, 2020 in Lagos, Nigeria.

In terms of population, Africa is the fastest-growing continent in the world with a projected population of 2.4 billion people by 2050. The population of Africa is highly concentrated in the cities and this will abate, considering the rate of rural-urban migration in Africa due to search of economic opportunities and security.

This will drastically increase the populations of African cities such as Nairobi, Accra, Cape Town, Cairo, Dakar, Lagos and others; making them megacities with huge opportunities and challenges. Climate change, high population density and security are emerging challenges these cities will be facing. Through the spread of biological pathogens and viruses, infectious diseases and bioterrorism are important unconventional biosecurity threats to megacities globally and African cities in particular.

This conference is an academic and policy-based meeting organized to discuss and prepare African cities to cope with emerging biosecurity challenges.

The conference thematic areas are as follows:

(1) Biosecurity and Biothreat Reduction in Africa, with the following sub-themes:

a. Biosecurity and biosafety in Africa
b. Bioethics in Africa
c. Ethical/Regulatory Issues specifically for Africa in relation to biosecurity
d. Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA)
e. Public health crisis management in megacities
f. International biosecurity Conventions: Biological Weapons Convention and United
Nations 1540 Security Council Resolution

(2) Emerging Infectious Diseases as an accelerating phenomenon, with the following subthemes:

a. One Health
c. Anti Microbial Resistance (AMR).
d. Clinical trials
e. Infectious disease burden and trends across Africa ( Ebola, Lassa, MERS, Yellow
Fever, Pandemic Influenza)

(3) Biobanking infrastructure, with the following sub-themes:

a. Lagos biobank project
b. Minimum characteristics to establish a Biobanking for EID (Emerging Infectious Disease)
specimens in Africa
c. Biobanking Networks (H3Afica, etc.) and societies (ISBER, ESBB, BBMRI, etc.)

(4) Need for a vaccine strategy for emerging infectious diseases in Africa, with the following

a. Role of African governments and indigenous vaccine manufacturers in vaccine R&D
b. Challenges and prospects of vaccine R&D for emerging infectious diseases

(5) Cultural, Anthropological, Social and Economic Impact of Emerging Infectious Diseases (CASE), with the following sub-themes:

a. African cultural practices and management of biosecurity threats
b. Community engagement in the fight against emerging infectious diseases
d. Ethics and the management of EIDs in Africa
e. Contextualising policy approaches and intervention strategies to fit local responses to biosecurity threats in Africa

(6) Other emerging issues with the following sub-themes:

a. Climate change and biosecurity threats in Africa
b. Harnessing the digital revolution and digital platforms to advance biosecurity in Africa

Abstract submission

A 200-300 word electronic abstract must be submitted latest by 30th of April, 2020.

submit your abstract to or and Specify platform or poster presentation preference.

You will be notified of the fate of your submission by 15th of May, 2020.

Important Dates to note:
• Abstract submission due: April 30, 2020.
• Abstract acceptance notifications: May 15, 2020.

Conference Fees: (The fee covers for conference materials, coffee breaks and a lunch buffet)
• $50 (Students- Normal delegate)
• $100 (African Delegates -Normal Registration)
• $200 (Non-African Delegates -Normal Registration)
Delegates with accepted abstracts will have a 25% reduction in their registration fee.

Download Here – 6th Conference Call for Abstract