GET Biosecurity Research Fellowship

GET Africa Biosecurity Research fellowship programme (GBRF) is a platform to engage researchers that belong to the categories of doctorates, post-doctorates, and professors; to provide high-level advocacy, operational and expert support for Countries and communities in Africa.


The specific objectives of the network include:

  • Conduct research in biosecurity related fields in African countries.
  • Promotion of collaborations among researchers from different institutions to conduct biosecurity research.
  • Increase in the impact of research programs in biosecurity through scaling up of local initiatives.
  • Production of policy briefs for government and policymakers on biosecurity.


Researchers in the network will be candidates that possess qualifications that range from Masters (with research experience) to Doctoral and post-doctoral to professorship positions. These candidates will be engaged to achieve the objectives of the network through various research activities.

The Global Emerging Pathogens Treatment Consortium (GET) will call for fellowship in biosecurity related research for researchers and policymakers in Africa.

The fellowship will have 2 cohorts every year. Each cohort will have three (3) scientists that will conduct research for a period of four (4) months at the GET headquarters in Ibadan, Nigeria.

A total of six (6) fellowships will be granted every year.

GBRF Expected Deliverables

The expected deliverables of this fellowship are:

  • One research paper on the selected biosecurity focus
  • One Policy brief that will be published in the GET policy brief series
  • Three blog post that will be posted on GET website
  • Final research presentation