GET One Health School Club (GHSC)

About the Club

The GET One Health School Club is a student-focused club initiated by Global emerging Pathogens Treatment Consortium to introduce the concept of One Health to students in various schools.


The vision of the club is to educate young minds on the holistic approach towards community health challenges by sensitizing the Senior Secondary Students on the connection between humans, animals, plant health,  and their shared environment, which represents the one health concept.

The GET One Health School Club’s initiative will support and create awareness amongst the students at the adopted schools on the concept of One Health with the main objective of undertaking activities that improve humans, animals, plants, and environmental health.

Club Activities

Club activities will include:

Periodic seminars for students and teachers on topic such as antimicrobial resistance


Emerging infectious diseases

The concept of one health

Climate change

Waste management


Environmental sustainability

Club Benefits

The club members will get valuable training and field experience rooted in the One Health approach, as well as leadership and mentorship opportunities.


Pictures from the Inuaguration of the Club in Ibadan, Nigeria.

Pictures from the Free Book Distribution in Ibadan, Nigeria.