Our Vision

To ensure all countries in sub-Saharan Africa are prepared for Public Health Emergency of International Concern PHEIC


 Our Mission

To build the capacity of relevant stakeholders in States and Institutions in Africa for effective mitigation against (re)emerging infectious disease.

Our Objectives

  • To anticipate in advance through surveillance and data gathering the possibility of the emergence or entrance of dangerous pathogens on the continent of Africa and make appropriate recommendation to minimize risk.
  • To identify conditions that lead to the emergence of dangerous pathogens such as conflict and environmental perturbations and make necessary recommendations to mitigate such risk.
  • To assess the capacity both in terms of infrastructure and human capital that is necessary to respond with speed to early warning signs suggestive of the emergence of a dangerous pathogen outbreak.
  • To conduct research into preceding and current outbreaks in a harmonized fashion across the continent and disseminate in a timely fashion the findings of research conducted.
  • To develop the framework for ethical and community acceptable research and medical interventions that is cognizant of the culture and belief systems of the indigenous people of the continent and which engenders trust.
  • To act as a conduit for access to expertise by international respondents in scenarios where outbreaks create state of emergencies and to facilitate collaborative relationships in fashion that does not impose a threat to sovereignty and dignity of the continent.
  • To promote high level advocacy necessary for ensuring political will is focused on appropriate spending on research and development necessary to fast track all of the above.
  • To develop capacity building for the effective development of blood plasma products on the continent of Africa.
  • To develop the technology platforms for the monitoring and safety of patient data and biodata.
  • To facilitate global support for targeted vulnerable populations.
  • To facilitate regulatory frameworks and guidelines for informing research into emerging pathogens on the continent.