Plasmapheresis and Fractionation – Magdy El Ekiaby

This the WG that supervises all plasmapheresis works.

Objective and tasks

  1. Establishing a better balance in the collection of plasma for fractionation (PfF) in Africa
  2. Establish guidelines for plasmapheresis in Africa
  3. Ensure the standards for the provision of recovered plasma for fractionation is maintained
  4. Provision of apheresis (source) plasma for fractionation from the region
  5. Rough estimation of “plasma, unaccounted for”, i.e. theoretically available but not reported as transfused or fractionated.
  6. Be able to determine if plasmapheresis programs are run by the blood establishment/hospital blood bank and at what frequencies and volumes? What follow-up programs are established for the plasmapheresis donors?
  7. Inventory of studies on the follow-up of plasmapheresis donors with respect to current acceptance of frequencies and volumes;
  8. Inventory of register data on plasmapheresis donors with respect to frequencies and volumes of plasma collection;

Working method

The working group is expected to undertake a monitoring of scientific progress and changes to the regulatory framework in the field of plasma supply management.

Regular progress reports will be made by the Chair during the conference plenary sessions held in every calendar year.