Manuscripts in development:

  • An African Initiative to Combat Emerging Infectious Diseases: Experience of the Global Emerging Pathogens Treatment Consortium (GET)
  • Characterization of Ebola-related stigmatizing behaviours and attitudes in West Africa: A critical analysis of its forms and causes (Francis Kombe, ECEPAS)
  • Reliving the Ebola Virus Disease: Experiences, Inspirations and Hopes of Ebola Virus Disease Survivors (Francis Kombe, ECEPAS)
  • A historic focusing of minds on the African continent to address a global threat: Experience of Global Emerging Treatment Consortium (GET) in containment of Ebola Virus Disease in West Africa.
  • The EVD Outbreak Responses: My Perspective as an Ebola Survivor ( Dr. Igonoh)
  • Socio-Cultural and Economic Concerns of Using Convalescent Blood or Blood Products in a Highly Infectious Disease Outbreak in Africa. (CASE Working Group


Perspectives of different stakeholders on data use and management in public health emergencies in sub Saharan Africa

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